Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Weekend

With a newly rejuvenated Mad World thanks to Mister Lister, things are looking pretty good these days. Spending Saturday at former CEO's parents' house in the suburbs, and they're not there! Should be a mightily wasted pool party in clear 70 degree weather, so we might even be able to pretend that we're in LA for a day.

A couple things to note: internet radio is going silent on Tuesday the 26th in protest of higher fees due to drop in a couple of months. Internet radio may go silent forever with the pending cost increases, so please do your part to support them.

Finally, here's a quick look into the Fatah headquarters' torture chamber. This proves a lot of things. (1) The Fatah dudes now in the West Bank who are looting and causing anarchy are douchebags (2) They will blame Israel (3) Yassir Arafat was a terrorist (4) Hamas is certain to pimp out the torture chamber to make it that much worse, and finally (5) These are all things that George Bush and Dick Cheney have as well, so we're all inadvertently no better than any terrorists...Go figure


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