Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I've heard some complaints about the Ford Escape hybrid cabs, but mostly from tall people who suffer from a lack of legroom. Although a most legitimate complaint it is, cabbies have almost killed us all several different times, so a 5 minute ride should not rest its central focus on what people's knees are feeling.

Enter candidate Bloomberg, a most short Jewish man lacking legroom concerns (who also takes the subway), but he says that in 5 years all NYC cabs will be hybrid, and that's pretty sweet. The most practical solution to a serious problem, and this man has the nerve to implement it? He'll never survive in Washington, but his newly redesigned website seems to be reaching for it.

Most surprising in that article to me is that cabs only last 3-5 years anyway and are tightly regulated by the city. So pretty much any auto industry dickwads that want to complain about this not being the proper long term solution (ie. alternative fuels) need not complain because it would take just another 5 years to get it right a second time. I'm totally for this guy and Chuck Hagel in 2008


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