Monday, June 04, 2007

Flamin Island

Finally enjoying the fruits of my summer share in Fire Island, the place is a sweet little 32 mile long sand dune, with only 2 of the 18 or so neighborhoods actually being "gayborhoods." Other than the fabulous guys on the LIRR, they took a separate bus to the separate (presumably gay) ferry, and the rest of the weekend was straighter than Lindsay Lohan's momentary sobriety.

No one knows where the name Fire Island comes from, but one must assume that quite the debate has raged over whether the chicken or the egg came first in this situation, but really who cares because Fire Island's history is riddled with pirates and that makes for better conversation material, especially when it comes to the topic of gay pirates.

While the weekend was riddled with alcohol and a pleasant beach setting, with last week came the unfortunate news of the end of Slack LaLane. In this digital age we just assume more and more of everything will keep piling on those internets, but in reality a most humorous blog is really just an excuse for funny people not to use pen and paper, and all technology aside, Ace and company seem to dig the John Elway winning a Super Bowl exit versus the Vinny Testaverde defying the age gods exit. Although I guess I made that one up on my own, the comments are riddled with athletic analogies leading me to ponder the question: are there any good analogies relating to comedians out there, or are the highs and lows of an athletic career the ultimate comparison no matter the profession, culminating in a guaranteed retirement circa age 40 rather than just dying a slow death?

There's the possible Adam Sandler, as his comedies seem to now suck if he's not doing drama anyway (just as Testaverde went from playing football to mentoring the better players on the sidelines), but a more glamorous departure from comedy goes to Bill Cosby, who's gone from being the funniest black man in the 80's and 90's to the most critical black man of the new millenium. Is Ace setting himself up to become a pissed off pundit, or is he more like a Dave Chappelle I don't need any more of your goddam money kinda blogger? Has his moment with Fox News gone to the head, or should I agree that it's just become a total Schiavo (borrowed joke) for him not to hang up the track shoes now? Either way, Slack LaLane has been my favorite blog over the past couple of years, and I'm still sorry for throwing up all over Ace's couch 8 years ago back in Evanston, Illinois when I was a visiting younger brother.

The humor has been most offensive and the jokes way better than mine, so a shoutout to a most upsetting (but not disappointing) finish of a most entertaining blog. I guess I've answered my own question now by realizing that continuing his blogging skills in a musical environment over at Hidden Track means that if he didn't have a day job, he'd just be some trust fund hipster baby who tried out comedy, thought it sucks, and then picked up a guitar to continue on his next half-assed attempt of a new venture. But rest assured Ace has been using his whole ass unlike Terri Schiavo's 1/13th of a brain, so I'm sure he will reap the benefits of being a good writer and going to many a live music shindigs.

In these trying times we must not forget others who have also been less fortunate, including Saul Hammerstein's "Annals of a Single Jew" that I have been too lazy to take off of my links section. His male version of Sex and the City has been most enjoyable and is missed, as those are some escapades that most fools cannot put on paper with such suaveness and certainty. To check out his legacy that lives on, catch him over at College Candy

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