Monday, May 14, 2007

This Just In

Palestinian youth hate Jews, Americans, Infidels.

But love burning shit, St. Louis Rams.

Seriously, if you're gonna dedicate your life to hating me - I personally qualify as a Jew, American, Infidel, non-pyro, non-St. Louis fan (shit I'm screwed) - then perhaps you might want to not make the front page of one of the world's distinguished periodicals wearing something that's all about what you hate.

If this kid does not realize that millions of Americans drink beer and eat chips for hours upon end on Sundays in the name of that t-shirt, then he either might want to try it out himself or sell the thing on eBay for what's certain to be a hefty profit because it's a sweet looking shirt.

George Bush is a dumbass but at least he doesn't wear a white robe and carry the Koran everywhere.

Finally arriving ontime/early from Chicago for the first time ever last night, my cabbie had (a) the nerve to talk to me which is really annoying when I don't want to engage and (b) the extreme nerve of telling me why Mother's Day isn't that important because god says his mom isn't as important as men. Not only that, but the asshole told me that this is what he told his mom on her day. Go buy an NFL shirt and light something on fire, but leave your mother alone on her Hallmark holiday for cryin out loud.

He also had the nerve to lecture me about all this, thus worrying me he's a terrorist but also not angering me enough to argue back. He at least could have had the courtesy of being more forceful in his belief in order to spark my rage, but no these fools instead pretend to speak the one and only truth.

Yea I'm pissed, no I don't think that invading Iran is the solution to this dickwad and all his comrades.


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