Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cows Have Magnets

And I had "nuttin that beats your muttin." For whatever reason someone came up with the idea that in order to protect cows from ingesting harsh metals that damage their digestive tracts, placing a magnet at the front of it in order to collect all impurities would work and could be left inside of them for their entire life. This practice is employed in many a cow these days (not children?), but I went for the dead lamb for lunch.

After looking up the definition of muttin and of course invoking that funny episode of Seinfeld, I got confused about what the hell the difference is between lamb and sheep. After reaching a general consensus, it's supposedly like a cow is to veal analogy, which I still haven't confirmed via google so please be sure to correct me if you know something that I do not.

After completing another leg of my steakhouse tour (similar to finishing another hole of frisbee golf) at Reed's at 36th and 6th, I found myself heavily buzzed (positive), with headphones (positive), but most sweaty and on the subway (negative) during the warmest day yet of the year. I returned to my cubicle, had wine on the breath and was profusely sweating...Hibernation season begins as I seek AC and avoid the oppressive haze, so I'll see you in the winter, which should hopefully free up some more time to blabber about this way.


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