Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let's Celebrate

By getting an abortion! Alright that's cruel, but Jerry Falwell has passed on to...nothing!! There is no heaven and he has spent his life striving for that false sense of forgiveness for being a giant douche. If there is an afterlife I can assure you that he's getting gang raped by Satan and Saddam, South Park style. I only think what might've happened had they brought him to a real hospital rather than the anti-science one on the campus of his esteemed Liberty University, but I guess we'll never know. Perhaps there was a hooker and meth involved, as it would certainly come as no surprise.

I hope he has no successor and that his Moral Majority and Liberty U both burn to the ground in an instant. I'm tired of pretending not to be jubilant when things like this happen, as pieces o crap like him get jubilant when we bomb innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, so now it's my turn to not give a crap what others think of my cruelty.

I hope to find a rally commemorating his legacy in the street tomorrow so I can light off fireworks and throw dead fetuses at his followers (or is it fetusi?).


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