Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Take me to the VR

Despite my half hearted attempts at visually stunning you all, I have not yet become that guy who busts out his camera phone at a concert in order to snap a really cool shot of the really cool dudes on stage. Come to think of it, "that guy" now consists of 60% of the audience, but I guess I'm still a naysayer.

Regardless, I witnessed Velvet Revolver sans hard 90's drugs last night at the Nokia Theater, and they definitely kicked some ass. Scott Wylan looks like he's got way too many tattoos and track marks and is way too pale, but he's full of life. Slash is a total stud, and the other guys aren't as popular but they were cool.

I noticed a few good and bad things that I'd like to share:
-good crowd, my experience at the Nokia is usually good, only the bar was super crowded unlike other times I've been there. I think it had something to do with it not being an 18 year old jam band scene, so that was pleasant to see people demanding alcohol rather than rolling on the floor because they are not legal to drink and ate too much molly to play it safe.

-no jam band crowd also means no jam band, which means only 1 set and no encore? I'm so torn between swearing off hippy crack music forever but also endlessly admiring them for having a nice long bathroom/smoking break halfway into the show, only to leave the stage again and come back for an encore. My Primus sucks experience in November yielded the same disappointing results for otherwise super cool rock dudes being on stage and tearing it up.

-they covered "Wish You Were Here" as I was wearing my infamous Pink Floyd shirt that LRod has now claiming except for when I go to concerts. It got me pretty excited for next week's adventures with Roger Waters and Dark Side at MSG, and I'll be sure to bust out my camera for that.


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