Thursday, May 24, 2007

Best Deuce Ever

I'm not referring to last Wednesday's taco night, but rather the only non-Canuck to win the Con Smythe trophy. It's possible some Europeans have actually won it since 1994, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Brian Leetch was the first one to break the French-biased color barrier south of the Northern border, and now my post and heart go out to him.

Sitting out a season was an indicator, but he has finally retired and will forever be a savior for the Broadway Blue Shirts. When dumbass Dolan traded him 3 years ago I remember being most upset, but now I'm glad that there is a conclusion to this matter despite the fact that the Rangers didn't bring him back when they could have.

The fact that The Chief wore a Leetch Jersey says it all, and he will forever be missed from the ice of MSG.


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