Monday, May 21, 2007

With Cuffs on Tightly

As the world begins to unravel slightly more than it did the week before, it's nice to know that even the religious ones who dabble in the rock n roll lifestyle can't keep their hands or cocks or crack smoking lips to themselves anymore. I always thought that Ted Haggard and his band of merry wannabees turn out the way they are because because pretending to live by the scripture will make a man insane.

Turns out that dabbling in the wild side does not in fact prevent these Jesus turd monkeys from misbehaving, but it stands the time tested truth of creating one sweet headline. Guess we'll just have to eradicate the planet of them all. Not a viable solution, but you still gotta love it when Creed man gets busted for supposedly beating his former Miss New York of a wife. Now that he's in the same zip code as my grandma and obviously sucks to begin with, I say they lock him up for good (but do notice how I put the word "supposedly" in my hyperlink, as to give him a little unbiased - innocent til proven guilty - credit that is not required of bloggers lacking in professional journalistic skills).

Alright I've got over two weeks in the vacation bank, guess the second half of this year will have to suck less and involve going somewhere for hopefully not too much money.


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