Tuesday, June 12, 2007

8 days and Pentagon gays

It's been 8 days, but only upon learning that the Pentagon was trying to make a gay bomb could I return in the middle of such a busy evening of work. I'm not too sure if Rummy was trying to make the world a place full of sinners, therefore further enraging his constituency and provoking them to join the armed forces, or if he was high on meth, but that's really the only thing I could imagine:

Rummy hits the lightbulb meth crack pipe, gets a ragin boner, thinks about how this is what the underground clubs in New York City are known for, and then decides that a bunch of sex starved Arabs would totally go for it. I dare you to come up with another theory other than the fact that Rummy was craving some Cheney one cracked out evening, but seriously this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I believe normal people think of backstage at a fashion show as the only real gay bomb that could ever be pulled off, but this is just really weird.

I'm ashamed I didn't get to write more about the Roger Waters show from a couple weeks ago, but it was beyond amazing and well worth the $95 it cost. Since we're on the subject of gay men in the desert, I'd like to note three risque things that appeared on screen while listening to Dark Side of the Moon:

Jesus having sex, Jesus drinking, and "Mission Accomplished" during the climax of "Us and Them." I was most high and and there was definitely a lot of crazy shit, but those were sticking points. The "Impeach Bush" floating pig was pretty crazy, but I missed that for a bathroom break, but did manage to catch the astronaut floating around the crowd too. Very good stuff...


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