Thursday, May 03, 2007

You Best Protect Ya Neck

Don't know if Barack is down with the Wu, but he's rockin out to one of their songs right now. The first potential black president most definitely does need a little extra protection. Just as the campaigning has started so damn early, so does the Secret Service. Maybe they can spend less time with Cheney next time he goes to Afghanistan...

In case you're not up to speed with the rants of the Decider, he now declares himself as, "the commander guy," thus proving once again his overwhelming sense of intelligence and proclivity towards cooperative government, but I'm going to stick with Decider because it's one word and slightly catchier.

Speaking of losing political clout, this page here is a dumb (gets old in 3 seconds) little thing that makes fun of the governator, who hasn't self-declared himself that name as our idiot president would do, not to mention that he's only been gaining clout for over a year now. Way to go Arnold.


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