Friday, May 04, 2007

Minyons & Aholes

Not too sure what the title means, but every asshole in Buffalo better be ready for a pouncing from the Rangers tonight. Actually, if the Rangers control 55 minutes, then it's still big trouble because it takes about 1 minute of Buffalo being on their game to crush opponents...stay tuned, but go Rangers.

As yet another week winds down and Queen Elizabeth is more popular than ever in this country despite being played as a frigid bitch by Helen Mirren just months ago, the world continues to consolidate and the only organization left to buy other large organizations is probably going to be the Chinese Government.

Being involved in Google's most recent transaction as it faces scrutiny from competitors and the government, I now turn to the other side of the industry as Microsoft-Yahoo! M&A talks begin to heat up once again. Never to be outdone, Rupert Murdoch made an unsolicited bid for Dow Jones this week, as everything he buys lately seems to do really well. Microsoft also acquired a mobile advertising company today, and Vonage was denied a retrial in its patent infringement case brought on by Verizon. Apparently having pity for the poor bastards, Verizon pleaded to the judge who ruled in favor of them to not shut Vonage down immediately, as was decreed about two months ago. Smells like Verizon is trying to keep Vonage barely breathing so they can make an acquisition in a few months... Oh yea, and Reuters is up for acquisition as well, hopefully not by Rupert Murdoch.

If conflict of interest wasn't a term, then I'd have nothing to say right now, but I guess Rupert dumbing down the Wall Street Journal to FoxNews levels would be pretty interesting and further alienate conservatives with brains (clearly none work in Washington at this moment in time and it might help to have them around one day if a non-retard conservative becomes president - not too sure about that though after last nights debate!).

Go Rangers and Happy Cinco de Mayo, it's gonna be a real beauty all weekend in NY.


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