Monday, April 30, 2007

You Don't Beat Me Enough

For any of you who watch what is becoming yet another season of the Sopranos that is worse than the one before it, what's the deal with AJ and his lady friend?

He proposes to her with a business model more than a proposal, not to mention what seemed to be like a giant diamond. Apparently she's all torn up inside and doesn't know what to do, so what do the writers come up with??? Nothing like getting dumped at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New Jersey. Watching AJ deck his car out in Puerto Rican flags only to have his little Puerto Rican quasi step-son taken from him as his girl rides off with her fat brother and the kid was pure comedy. I was laughing at the parade, and then completely hysterical once I realized that it was the backdrop for AJ getting dumped by his ultra hot and Puerto Rican girlfriend whom he wanted to be spouse.

Now the question is will AJ go on a murderous rampage? Was he not Puerto Rican enough, or was he too Italian, or perhaps not enough a fan of Reggaeton and Daddy Yankee? Perhaps it was the awkward stare that she gave Carmella when she realized she couldn't ditch her Puerto Rican roots to become an Italian house mom, or maybe AJ's junk wasn't Puerto Rican enough.

Whatever the deal, that was a really bad episode capped off with now-dead gay Vito's son named Vito Jr. taking a dump in the high school locker room shower only to be kidnapped by crazy white dudes in charge of a military camp for troubled youths because Tony was too selfish and blew 100 grand on the Dolphins rather than give it to Vito Jr.'s mom to relocate to Maine. This shit is getting really stupid. The only positive is that Tony is becoming a most unlikable character, which is perhaps setting the stage for his assassination as he slides down the slippery slope.


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