Friday, April 20, 2007

Follow Up

As we are all ecstatic that Fox News wasn't the first to report and decide this week, I realized that it's kinda messed up when everyone in the NBC Newsroom was probably giving each other high fives and winning a popularity contest all because some violent psychopath chose them as his number 1.

Somewhere along the way from not having their anchor die of lung cancer or from having not promoted Katie Couric, NBC is officially the cool kid in town for all the wrong reasons. The "MSM," as the conservative freaks like to call it, is certainly lame these days, and although I can't blame NBC for being chosen, the ratings and popularity they crave have provided a small BS triumph in the midst of a tragedy.

PS, Decider, did you really need to mention the fact that you support the right to bear arms in the midst of a massacre? What an asshole. Some crazy fool shoots up a university, and you still stick to protocol and get more stubborn and resolute about the things you believe in despite the fact that you were not involved. Why can't you ever just admit that things you stand for result in tragedy? Do you and your evil overlord Cheney not remember when he shot his friend in the face? Why is it more important than ever to support guns?

Changing the subject to real policy issues, Mayor BBerg has some hot new plans for New York that I like. Check out what he's supposedly thinking of. Less state control over transportation, more environmentally friendly tax subsidies for environmentally sound construction, and several other things I like. Rather than take this week's events to boast about the importance of the right to bear arms, this guy instead stepped up his pressure with Mayor's Against Guns to actually do something positive in lieu of something bad. He might be on to something...


Blogger David said...

I support the rights of mentally unstable people to bear arms.

Blogger Adam said...

Well as long as we let the stable ones carry them to class, according to Tom DeLay, the bastion of tolerance that he is


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