Thursday, April 19, 2007

At Least it Wasn't Fox News

It takes no genius or bleeding heart to be disturbed by the crazy Asian man in Virginia this week, but all I'm saying is imagine if he chose to send his diatribes of a pissed off loser to Fox News instead of NBC?

To give those fools any credibility on the issue would have sucked ass and the man deserves zero thanks for anything, but at least he didn't cater to Brit Hume and company.

The most interesting take I've read on this so far is Arianna Huffington's questioning of what prescription meds this guy was on, as depressed lunatics on Prozac who end up becoming even more depressed and crazy once taking the shit has become a really scary issue. God forbid the man could have smoked some prescription reefer to chill out without altering his brain chemistry for the worse, but I'm sure we'll never find out in the effort to make sure the question never becomes a major issue.


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