Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"The Horror..."

What might I be referring to? The Met's World Series hopes on the line? Kim Jong Il? ManBearPig as the single greatest threat to our existence? The fact that two weeks ago at work I was told that "next Thursday" would be the day they'd tell me what my job is ("next Thursday" was officially six days ago)? Or am I simply referring to the fact that Apocalypse Now is one kick ass movie? PS the extra scenes in Redux are outstanding, but did Coppola really feel the need to change the order of some of the original film?

Well I must say that pretty much all of the above unsettles the Suzie's Chinese Food in my belly from last night, but thanks to a co-worker who also doesn't know what his job is, I stumbled upon this and have decided that I don't really need a job (therefore I will continue to blog all day) if only half of this crap is true. My friends, Peak Oil is upon us, and a man by the name of Matt Savinar wants us all to know what life after the oil crash will consist of blackouts, riots, wars, and of course...zombies. I'm only 2/3 of the way through this essay and have crapped me panties a couple of times now. Perhaps the scariest notion is that George W. Bush has outsmarted us all and is an environmentalist in disguise, not a brush clearing cowboy:
For what it's worth, Bush's Crawford ranch is completely off-the-grid and equipped with the latest in energy saving and renewable power systems. It has been described as an "environmentalist's dream home."
Actually what scares me more is the fact that Cheney has six year old girls that are obsessed with him, but I guess that's to be expected in Kansas. Unfortunately no one has done anything too stupid today so all I can do is scare yous into buying a hybrid or inventing alternative energy sources all by your lonesome selves.

The last game 6 played at Shea Stadium was against the Red Sox in 86, so I'm fairly optimistic for tonight knowing that.


Blogger misterlister said...

I wouldn't worry about the whole job description thing. All along I've known you're a straight shooter with upper management written all over you.

Blogger Adam said...

Damn straight, but it unfortunately seems that the upper management here is straight shootin me into taking their sweet ass time with their new goddamn cover letter on their tps reports. Oh well, having no one to report to, coming in at 10am and leaving at 530pm isn't so bad in the meantime.


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