Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mel Gibson Apologizes

Alright Mel! Sucking your liver dry of the sweet sweet booze has also caused you to stop disliking Jews. Is there anything rehab can't do for you? I still feel bad for the guy because he rips on Jews and now has to not have fun, but hey that's the price you pay for speaking poorly about the people who run the industry you work in. But I do wonder what would have happened if he started saying bad things about another group of people (except for pissed off Muslims who would obviously just do emotionally pissed off things). And how come he blamed it all on alcohol? Certainly the [some might say] aggressive war fought by Israel in Lebanon and the ensuing volatile global conditions caused him to be concerned for his children, but I guess that theory isn't ready for the masses. Mel, I think you're an anti-semite and I don't believe you, but I feel really bad that we will never be able to kick back a few next time I'm on the PCH and that you will have to start doing hard drugs to enjoy yourself (they're dangerous at your age). You knocked on the wrong group of people...


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