Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Blues

Ha yea right, Friday rocks, but hopefully some red states will turn blue after this guy behaves like a priest, Bob Woodward disses W's stubborness, and Senator George Allen continues to practice his favorite pastime: racism.

Let's see, not much going on over here though. The L train was closed due to police activity, my stomach couldn't handle the hourlong commute having to walk to the JMZ and then transfer with many despondent hipsters, and then I get to work and there's no TP!? What the frig is that? Other than living in a fraternity house and exercising my right to sheer pride/stubborness that I was the one to buy the TP the last 4 months, I have not had to use PT rather than TP. Port Authority Building, shape up please. Google moves to the building and all hell breaks loose, not to mention the fact that they seem to be pushing their way into the space that the company I work for already operates in (the internet rich media space, not office space). Damn those Mountain View bastards.

So, in typical Friday idiocy, I made this cool looking symmetrical alien by holding the control key and having fun in Excel, damn it looks good:
New York, I haven't had a normal weekend of copious alcohol consumption, sleeping in, and doing it all over again in quite a long time. Special events Michigan hopefully whoopin on Minnesota followed by STS9 at the awesome yet horribly placed Nokia Theatre in Times Square sounds like I'll be quite miserable to be saying hi to you all again on Monday morning. I may even crash a bachelor party tonight, woohoo. Enjoy your weekends all.


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