Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cory Lidle is Muslim?

Alright I didn't make that one up, but the tasteless humor on the issue has been both hilarious and wrong. For the source of my unoriginal comment, check out the comments board over at Slack.

When I was watching Mike and the Mad Dog hold a funeral procession yesterday, Mad Dog actually suggested that they cancel last night's Mets game. I mean c'mon. The tears were real, but do we really need the Yankees stealing the spotlight once again? Mother nature took care of that problem anyway, but the Tigers still had to play (and kick ass). Rumor has it that he and Mike tore into Lidle just 2 days before, but I don't think that their personal guilt should affect their decision making. PS I'm still convinced that ESPN booby trapped his plane so they could have something to talk about for the rest of the weekend.

I've been so excited since reading this story that I've forgotten to mention it.

Marijuana may help stave off Alzheimer’s

I might not be able to remember your name today, but apparently in 50 years I will have the ability to remember your name. It's all about balance my friends, for if you exert yourself too much today then you will possibly burn out.

Who the fuck is this guy anyway? Was he really once the surgeon general of this great country? Is that beard for real? And why the fuck would anybody want to trust him? He seems like the surgeon general who refused to put warning labels on cigarettes cause he thought they were good for you. And his beard definitely looks fake


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