Friday, October 06, 2006

Some Cheese, Some Surrender, No More Smokes

I start you off today with an angry former schoolboy Frenchman:

“'I’ll end my life where I started it — in the men’s room,' said Jean-Pierre Balligand, a lawmaker from eastern France. 'I started smoking like every other schoolboy, in the toilets of my junior high school. And that’s where I’ll end up, in the toilets of the National Assembly, while the school principal, Mr. Debré, screams at us for smoking.'"

This is indeed a French politician claiming that he will be smoking cigs on the crapper, just like when he was 12 because he is not allowed to do it in public. I too was once very anti-smoking ban, that damn Mike Bloomberg (for president?) thought he could tell me what's good for me and what's not and when and where I could be doing these things to myself. However, after getting over my stubbornness about being told what to do, I am a full supporter of the non-douchebag Republican mayor and his health initiatives. Next up on the agenda, trans-fat, although this initiative arguably wasn't trumpeted by the mayor himself, just his board of health.

Either way, anyone willing to take on fat people who smell like non-Americans (fact: foreigners hate deodorant), take up more than their fair share of my seat on all forms of transportation, take up more than half of the sidewalk on narrow side streets, and who worship the Big Mac, well that's just fine with me. I now say full steam ahead with public health initiatives that get gross people to be slightly less gross for the benefit of the normal public.

Now, back to this pissed off French guy. First off, I'd like to congratulate him for smoking in the toilet and not having cyber sex like some crazy American politicians. Secondly, I do feel for him, but obviously I am no longer on his side as explained above. Thirdly, does he really expect to die on the shitter while smoking a cigarette? Anyone with that grim an outlook on the end of their life surely shouldn't have an opinion that counts. He very well could be smoking a cigarette on the beach during a nice warm summer day with a cool ocean breeze, but apparently he chooses to play the Frenchy and of course cry about this in the most crybaby like way. New Yorkers at least seemed intrinsically pissed off when the smoking ban took effect in 2003, but Frenchies are intrinsically being giant pussies about it, which I guess comes as no surprise.

And fourthly, when this guy was 12 should he really have been smoking cigarettes? I'm sure that some of the reason why he is such a vagina has to do with the fact that in junior high school he was stunting his growth and development as a tobacco sucking froggy. Behave like it's your right to smoke where you want as an adult, but don't bring in the "when I was 12" argument like it should apply to your current life. Maybe if Frenchies didn't smoke at the age of 12 they wouldn't find it such a public health crisis that they need to address in the first place. To the Frenchies: I feel your pain but you are major giant stubborn pussies so I dont really care that you are once again surrending.


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