Tuesday, October 17, 2006

300 million minus a Snipes

So the population of the US has officially hit 300 million jackasses, but chances are that the guy frying up your eggs a couple of years ago was the real 300 who continues to get no love.

On a more ridiculous note, streaming CNN International over office bandwidth has allowed me to learn that actor Wesley Snipes has been indicted on 8 charges of federal tax evasion. ***Update, here's a link*** I'm still lacking a link or a story to this, but stay tuned, as he be Passenger 57 on the next van entering the torture chambers of the White House where a Murder at 1600 may very well occur. Come to think of it, I hear that there are many dangerous Blade weilding foes in prison, where he is certain to see no Rising Sun in the depths of his solitary confinement. This is a Major League fuck up that may leave him with no more Money Train after the U.S. Marshalls are finished with his Sugar Hill. I hope he's got Jungle Fever in prison after doing The Waterdance Down in the Delta.

I really wish I could incorporate Demolition Man into this because it is by far the most stand out performance of the brilliant career of Mr. Snipes, but I must thank IMDb for help on the last sentence. Looks like John "Q Law" Spartan caught up to him this time. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar - I'm out.


Anonymous Adam Rochkind said...

I see you are well practiced in The Art of War, dear author. Consider me a, no, The Fan.

Blogger Adam said...


Looks like he Played [the IRS] to the Bone and may have to pull some Disappearing Acts to fend off his Drop Zone in prison.


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