Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Gotta Believe

Actually, as a more cynical/pessimist type, I often don't believe in those wonders in pinstripes, but you can't help but love the Mets right now after a nice scrappy victory at Shea yesterday. I'm even putting off moving for another day so I can instead watch them on the HD and spend another night saying that I'm freeloading off the girlfriend.

This Congressional scandal is officially boring and even another fabricated TO OD story would entertain me more than Republicans having cyber sex with young boys during the actual legislative process that makes this country so great. Supposedly moron in chief is big on fart jokes, think he has this game to distract him from the fact that he is uglier than your ugly step-child?

Speaking of TO OD, my latest conspiracy theory points to my sneaking suspicion that ESPN has hired a bunch of page-turner novel writers to come up with the shit that they talk about all day long. Even if what they are talking about actually happened, it smells like some stinky, fishy fictional writers are behind the script while jacking off Stuart Scott and whatever other douchebags get off on sports drama way too easily.

Speaking of jacking off, the grand Ayatollah says that masturbating during Ramadan is bad. I didn't eat for one friggin day during sunlight on Monday because I'm Jewish, myself and all my friends can't stop complaining about it...meanwhile Muslims can't eat during daylight for an entire month (at least it's after the equinox), they don't seem to complain about not eating (just about everything else though, especially that Infidel mofo the Pope), and now they can't jack off on top of it. They need to better prioritize their complaining if you ask me.

Something else was itching the noggin but I guess it will have to wait til tomorrow. Off to pick up my first ever tux


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