Monday, October 23, 2006

Football Dads rule

If you think that Randy Marsh and Bat Dad didn't have a classic showdown...

Football dad pulls gun on coach to get son in game

As if people weren't already crazy enough, this guy actually thinks his son isn't a loser. If the kid does in fact have the skills to be on the field more, then obviously he's a wise ass shit of a 7 year old [would be my guess]. Being that his dad pulled a gun on the football coach and all, I doubt this kid is some child prodigy that out-witted his coach in a debate about abortion, so I'm sticking with the he sucks at football/is a punk ass explanation. Football dads, you guys are friggin crazy. Archie Manning is a successful football dad but in my mind still a nut who can't produce a super bowl winner. [Photo courtesy of South Park Studios, which now holds a place in my heart next to mary jane, sleeping in, and cheese fries]

Other crazy sports stories of course lead back to the piece of turd on Kenny Roger's Roasters hand last night, which no one including Tony LaRussa seemed to give a crap about, but which did make the front page of today. Those guys never let me down in trumping up a whole load of crap. Suspicious? Yes, but again, who cares. If he is in fact cheating, then that puts him in the same boat as about half the sluggers in baseball anyway, so really, who gives a turd [on Kenny Roger's hand]?

Michigan Football did it again this weekend and now has 3 sub-500 teams remaining before the battle in Columbus. Since I am lucky enough to be attending this year's festivities and am not paying $1000 for the ticket, I hope to hype this one up as much as a rainy day at Six Flags in which none of the white trash shows up but all the rides are still running. Courtesy of the tall guy with curly hair, his favorite Atlanta Hawks journalist had this to say about those ass clowns in Columbus:
How else to explain sending yours truly to Columbus, Ohio, for a weekend exhibition game? You don’t know mental anguish until you spend a couple days in the lair of your most despised enemy. I know those are strong words. But when it comes to me and the humans that call themselves fans of The Ohio State University, that’s the way it has to be... I’d root for Lucifer’s All-Stars against the Buckeyes. For real. Not only did I have to contribute to the Columbus economy this weekend, I even trudged into the Horseshoe for a couple hours to view the Buckeyes’ demolition of Indiana.
So there you have it, and I go home now.


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