Friday, July 06, 2007


Sure, Phil Mickelson gets lots of love for being a lovable runner-up, somebody the masses can identify with, as opposed to Tiger's unerring focus and general lack of lovability. Well, after having seen Mickelson in a number of ExxonMobil ads and glimpsing this article, the jury is no longer out when it comes to Phildo (rhymes with dildo). He is a full-fledged agent of evil.


Blogger Adam said...

Maybe if Phil wasn't always runner-up and blowing leads on the 18th hole he wouldn't have to make up for slipping $500k in the finish by supporting lower taxes for rich people.

Blogger Adam said...

To follow up from above, Georgy boy has friends because he gets Congress to lower their taxes. Otherwise no one would want to play with him


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