Monday, April 09, 2007

Don Imus, meet the emperor

For anyone unfamiliar with Don Imus' "nappy headed hoes" plus backlash comment, the script is playing out so exactly as Mel Gibson and Michael Richards, that we may have ourselves yet another alcohol injecting, heroin drinking, take it like Ted Haggard trip to rehab we go episode here.

Imus has elaborated that not everyone deserves to or should be made fun of (in this case thuggish females on the Rutgers basketball team), but the only real reason I sense from this is that he really hates Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and really wishes that he didn't have to deal with their bullshit in the aftermath. Although Stan Marsh told his father that Jesse Jackson is the emperor of all black people, it seems that Al Sharpton "sharp"ly contests that assertion and would like to be the first black man to arrive at the scene of all complaining and apologizing.

It's too bad you see that Randy Marsh has succumbed to the allure of Jesse Jackson, but Imus chose Mr. Sharpton and his radio show this morning just as Jesse Jackson was in Chicago with like 7 people protesting outside of the NBC offices there. Just what he accomplished in his message other than the fact that black people would choose to go to work rather than burn effigies like Arabs is hard to determine, but it's nice that our little war on terror can stick to the Middle East.

Other than obviously thinking this whole thing is ridiculous, my old sympathetic gene kicks in and feels nothing but pity for poor old Don Imus. You can call me a racist if you like, but you frequent readers should recall my sympathy for Mel Gibson, and no I'm not a self-loathing Jew. The man has apologized, nearly gave head to Al Sharpton on his radio show, and no he won't fucking quit or get fired so please stop demanding those things.

And yes, the Rutgers women's basketball team is pretty damn thugged out and probably from Camden rather than Short Hills. I don't think Imus had a problem with it, but he thought it was kind of funny, and when you've got 3 fucking hours to kill every morning you need to rip on people every now and then. I didn't really give a crap until everybody else did, but when's the last time you heard thug jokes about the NBA and heard Al Sharpton cry about it (yes the NBA is a bunch of thugs)? Why is this so important? If I had to guess, I'd say that he must be sleeping with at least one of dem hoes.


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