Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No WMD, so the frik what

Well I'm not totally wrong now that Imus has been suspended for two weeks, although I did rant about how there was no way his employer would dare touch him, but I was talking the getting fired talk. Maybe this is good timing to give him hell over a contract dispute or something, or perhaps it follows decider logic that so what he's not a racist and shouldn't be suspended for that, but he lied to us (not exactly sure what about, but that's the beauty of decider logic - guess I'll never make a good Karl Rove).

Anyway, this man can sort of bring down a radio host (who by the way makes controversial comments all the time), but remember when he gave Vincente Fox a run for his money? I just don't understand how he gets the best of everybody, including third world presidentes, knowing that he was once this person:

Don Imus needs to stand up and declare that he is quitting and going on a "Lick my ass Big Al" whistle-stop comedy tour of America. I'd certainly buy a ticket, and perhaps Dave Chappelle could sit in as the "wow did I ever get away with double standards so why can't this white guy?" MC.

Racial integration as a social issue has certainly lagged over the years, if you want to know my opinion, but is this really a good impetus for bringing about a change in peoples' attitudes, or is it just going to make liberal people like me scream for more cursing, porn, and racist humor in order to irk people in response for irking me that they are so freaking sensitive. I officially have more pity for Don Imus than he deserves while Sharpton has had one too many things to complain about in the past 6 months, way more than his usual quota.


Blogger misterlister said...

One thing you forgot to mention: Don Imus is one scary looking dude. I mean, how old is this guy, like 134? I feel like he's one of these old guys who tries to feel young again by having kids at a ripe old age, which has got to make for some bizarre family photos and a lot of diapers. I know he hit the bottle pretty hard back in the day, but he makes Keith Richards look comparatively good.


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