Friday, March 16, 2007


Although I'm excited for the arrival of Time Warner Cable tomorrow to hook me up with a bedroom DVR, hopefully it won't require of me less time with the bloggy, as I did a poor job this week.

Congrats to Slack for shooting some raw home footage of the aftermath of the shootout in Greenwich Village and for getting it posted on Fox News, the only source for real news. Also a congrats to Senor Chris for shaving his head in honor of St. Baldrick's Children's Hospital and for raising 2 keys and a g.

We had not one real snowfall this year, and I am about to go trudge through some of the nastiest ass dumpage that this city has seen in a long time. The sleet hurts and the invisible puddles are cold. Prior dinner plans leave me obligated to travel a short long distance upon returning home, but all I want is me couch. The weather seems extra F-ed up, but I still fear that too many smelly meathead dudes will be frequenting every bar this side of the Hudson, so I plan on getting very inebriated in the confines of my own home to celebrate the non-existent Irish heritage in my blood for tomorrow. If travelling, I wouldn't recommend JetBlue despite the fact that i still sorta sweat them.


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