Friday, March 09, 2007


Mayans to Purify Holy Site after Bush Visit

I just love this stuff, I'd probably ask the non-existent dog that I don't own to pee on the floor after the dumbass leaves if he were ever going to grace me with his presence. If I go to his place, I'd take it upon myself to pee on the floor all on my own, leaving his dumb dog Barney to do the rest.

I kinda wish I was at Langerado for the weekend, followed by South by Southwest next weekend, but I'll be quite alright celebrating the 25th bday of Dr. Garnish. That shit lasts for 10 days in my refrigerator yet this sly devil is taking an ethics exam tomorrow so he can become an esquire in a few months, only to go out and celebrate 25 years of chillin. That's impressive.


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