Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sally Struthers is Better

Better at what? Better at inducing guilt to get you to think about the children. Better than who? Better than my bitch of an upstairs neighbor who thinks that I enjoy listening to her children bang their toys onto the hardwood floor, which is subsequently my ceiling. While bitching off at me this morning for showing up at her front door, she presented her two cute little devils in the near background, as though she was trying to go all Christian Children's Fund on my ass and get me to make a cute "awwwwww" noise because they're so adorable and need 73 fucking cents a day, which is just the price of a fucking cup of coffee. Well let me tell you bitch ass upstairs neighbor, your Struthers tactics will not stop me from writing the landlord because this shit happens twice a week and there is a clause in your lease that requires wall to wall carpeting, especially if you're going to pretend like no one lives below you. And if you didn't have 73 fucking cents a day to buy those lil devils Fisher Price, then we wouldn't be at this critical juncture, so fuck you.

Now that I've fully given Sally Struthers the admiration that she's always deserved yet never received, we turn to the two people that also never loved her, the creators of South Park. After being upset at Stanley's Cup, last season's finale, they've returned with a bang. I was upset with that episode because they managed to be incredibly offensive and yet also not even funny in the most taboo sort of way.

Thankfully, they returned with offensive, taboo, and hilarious material of the sorts, with the old n-word being the source of controversy. Cameos by Michael Richards and Mark Furman were quite lovely, while Randy Marsh is possibly the funniest character ever. Cartman was pure evil as always, yet you almost begin sympathizing with him (at least in the way that his nemesis is crazy). I think they may have set a record for use of the n-word in a 30 minute block, and I hope to be reading about its controversy all over the internet. Disclaimer, I'm no fan of the n-word, but if you watch that episode you will certainly know how funny they make it. Additionally, they do a good job of making fun of the cliche black comedian who uses the word liberally and doesn't have to think twice about it, while as a viewer you probably feel the most at ease during that moment of the word's usage than at any other point in the show. Brilliance strikes again, and I love this little half season format that allows them to build upon the controversy surrounding all the bullshit that happens in between. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the next 7 episodes makes fun of Anna Nicole, but they did already do the Schiavo thing a couple years ago.

Since starting this posting 40 minutes ago, I've realized that the "for just the price of a cup of coffee" motto for the Christian Children's Fund is probably doing pretty well because Starbucks has caused the price of a cup of coffee to outpace inflation by 1000% over the past 10 years. Soon these slum dwellers will have more Fisher Price than those lickbags who live above me, and that would be totally awesome...


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