Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sunshine State

Here I come.

Haven't done enough not working the past 3 weeks so I've decided to take some well deserved time off with the one the only LRod as we go visit Nana in the capital of retired persons.

As if the palm trees won't be enough of a treat, it seems the cloud cover is bound to finally break this weekend, while getting there should be a most joyous occasion as I frequent JetBlue for the first time since my 16 hour visit to San Francisco back in May. One complaint though, their rewards program totally sucks. Get to 100 points in a year? That's tough considering that everything expires after a year. They do everything right, yet somehow I can track my never expiring United and Continental Airlines miles with great joy, which might be the only thing the old big box airlines get right. Oh well, DirectTV, comfy leather seats, and unlimited Terra Blues should be sufficient to keep this blogger happy. I may even sign up for the JetBlue AMEX card that allows points to never expire, but I've racked up a clean 15k miles with Continental and MasterCard and don't know if quitting now is the right thing to do. I don't seem to fly them enough because their fares are so inconsistently better and worse than standard fares, so I guess they've still got some work to do in my book; their sassy yet friendly stewardesses (stewardessi, perhaps?) will also add to the sufficiency of the previously mentioned perks.

I'm trying to think if I missed anything from holidays/New Years, but all I can remember is the cliche long line at the liquor store, a decent gathering, a new bedroom that still stanks like the Marlboro Man, and people not getting cabs because it was New Years and it was pouring rain at 4am.

A few posts ago I managed to complain about the possible taping of Saddam's execution and the total backwardness it represents. It seems that CBS and the other news outlets refrained, but luckily for us all some shady guard caught it on his cellphone and put it on YouTube. While the extremists seem to dominate the landscape in Iraq these days, perhaps a vengeful Shiite posting the hanging of a former dictator on YouTube is a sign of a flourishing of democracy, as I doubt Saddam would have permitted something to post on a video site owned by Silicon Valley's most dominant force. Then again, porn sales have surged since Saddam left, and that has not done any positive for the country either. Perhaps those things that come from California and represent post-Saddam life are not helping at all.

Anyway, I think it takes like 18 years for an American to get processed through death row, yet the execution date minus the day Saddam's appeal fell through is like 18...days, not years. That's pretty messed up and I don't see how that's a good sign. True to form, Retard in Chief thinks he's above commenting on a botched death sentence even though he keeps Saddam's pistol in his office; what a lickbag. Seriously though, I watched the YouTube and was very sickened by a public to the world execution, even moreso than when that evil guard in The Green Mile doesn't wet the sponge and burns that poor guy alive.

Tom Friedman said it best earlier this week when mentioning something about centuries old tribal tensions and democracy not getting along. Those neocon lickbags can all stop prancing around and spreading their freedom if they know what's good for the world. For a year now I've been saying that restoring order in the Middle East involves giving Saddam his iron fist back, but they didn't listen to me and instead decided to kill him in a most hastily manner. Ahmadinejad may have lost a few elections last week, but his greatest enemy is officially down in the depths of hell and reunited with his gay lover Satan.

Listening to The Wall for the past hour now, so good. See you when I return


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