Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Long Time Coming

A bad blogger I have been, and while I couldn't seem to find the time (did my job all of a sudden require attention?), I finally realize that a desperate search for housing is to blame, coupled with 6 days of traveling last week. I appreciate people asking me why I haven't been blogging, which means my efforts at attracting mild attention don't go completely unnoticed. Thank you, readers.

Despite being stuck on the big game game, I assure you that the creator of the blog has moved on to many other thoughts, which now include something other than college football. Considering that I am the least of a sports fan amongst most of my friends, that's probably for the better.

Unfortunately, I can't move on without first recognizing that Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer are the two biggest dick lickers to ever grace the NCAA with their presence. The former for not voting in the one publicized coaches poll, thus rendering him a pussy too scared to admit that Michigan deserved to be #2, and the latter for lobbying/whining the coaches, press, everyone into believing that the winner of the SEC deserved a chance at the national title game, despite the fact that nowhere in the BCS system does it articulate such a necessity.

I was fine with USC beating Notre Dame and moving into #2, but how come it was a forgone conclusion that if they lost (as they did to UCLA), Michigan would thus get its second chance back; and why did that forgone conclusion not happen? I hate Ohio State with "great vengeance and furious anger," but I sort of want them to pummel the hell out of the Gators come January 8th. My true dream would be for Tressel and Meyer to have simultaneous heart attacks (that they survive - I'm not evil) while having pregame butt sex with one another (I did call them dick lickers)...that would be totally awesome.

I'm proud to say that I am in fact writing because my exhausting housing search has come to an end. Stuyvesant Town, I hope you're ready for myself and Gleg. What truly sucks is that my lease starts 8 days too late, and yesterday I found myself on CraigsList with heart palpitations and all (shouldn't this not happen once I find a place?) in an effort to find something to hold me over to the 23rd. I'm proud to say that for 8 days I will have my own place for possibly the first and last time in my entire life. A cute little one bedroom for way too much money it is, but I'm excited for my little West Village hotel and plan to make the best of it. The best part about it is that the girl I am subletting from is moving into a recording studio in Williamsburg so that I can help pay her rent for the month...this crap definitely only happens in New York City. I can now also check off Greenwich/West Village on my "places lived" list, which goes a long way in conversation.

A couple of travel side notes:
-Denver airport is a beauty, but it's also in the middle of a farm. As for the rest of Colorado, I get very chapped lips, ultra serious boogers, and totally wild gas everytime I make it there. Last week was unfortunately the only time I've been there and had to be teased by the snow capped mountains in the background without being able to do anything about it.

-San Francisco continued its awesome weather streak with me, as everytime I visit it is gorgeous and I once again miss its true dark side (I heard it poured the day after I left and all weekend). I had a killer burrito in the Mission but don't quite get if I'm supposed to be scared or dazzled by the overwhelming amount of junkies that harass me everywhere one goes. I had someone ask me for a drag of my cigarette, not to have one of their own - that's just disgusting. My coworker witnessed a junkie tie up traffic at an intersection only to then run right into a telephone poll, break his nose, and send blood gushing everywhere. Again, is that funny or scary? If it's a city where people love the smell of their own farts, then I guess it's all pretty silly.

And finally, in a perfect twist of race/politics/family/New York/pigs/Al "soul glow" Sharpton and anything else I may have forgotten to mention, a man by the name of Sean Bell and his friends were shot 50 times outside a shady spot in Jamaica, Queens at 4am after a long night of bachelor party and on the eve of his wedding. Somehow one of his friends was shot 11 times and wasn't killed. A tragedy it most certainly is for the surviving widow and two children - as well as another good case of what the fuck? for the NYPD.

Here's my take: they were all unarmed, but supposedly one of them threatened a gun on someone else in a dispute just prior to the encounter with the undercover fuzzies. The fuzzies assume these men are armed, fair enough. At first it seemed these guys ran their car into the cop van and one of the officers, which isn't cool, but later the hashed-out details seem to indicate that the men did this only because a plainclothes officer with a gun was approaching them, which is really not cool. I'd like to question the ethics and judgment of a man going to his bachelor party at a shady club the night before his wedding, but I'll refrain. I certainly am not familiar with the underbelly of life in Jamaica, so perhaps Sean Bell had to work every night before his wedding and had no choice but to bachelor it out the night before. I understand not everyone can afford a good night at Score's, but that still sits uneasy with me. No doubt about it though, these cops fucked up royally and some poor guy is dead with a family left behind. What is strange to me is that (I wish I knew for sure) most or all of the undercover cops involved were also black, which isn't something you'd assume when hearing about a brutal NYPD murder of an unarmed black man. Or maybe it's just something you wouldn't assume once you know that Al Sharpton has gotten a massive erection about the whole thing. Black or not, these guys were cops and the NYPD is a little trigger happy with minorities, so obviously the institution as a whole can be blamed for being racist.

Now to the government reaction: Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly meet with community/civil rights leaders. I always thought Giuliani was a fascist, but perhaps he had the right idea when he refused to ever meet with these same people, as Bloomberg now does. If the city and the NYPD want to hold themselves accountable, then perhaps they should interview and examine the cops, rather than just send them home to get paid to sit on the couch and think about what they did. Giuliani was at least pompous enough to admit that he didn't want to hold anyone accountable, which is a little more noble than this current government pretending that it wants to rectify the situation, but in fact doing nothing about it.

I would guess that Bloomberg actually does care what other people think more so than Rudy, but he must know that the cops will stop at nothing to protect each other rather than arrest each other. Perhaps Giuliani is the bitter realist this country needs? He's not my number one choice, but I'd take him over McCain and Hillary anyday, so unless the new stud Barack Obama wants to do something about it, my votes with Rudy for '08. I'm definitely selling my beliefs short for endorsing a fascist, but I think that he and a Democratic Congress (keeping my fingers crossed for that to remain) would be a well-balanced tag team. Oh yea, if Bloomberg wants to run then I vote for him above everyone else. Actually, whoever the fuck wants to get major cities and not the state of Indiana more anti-terrorism dollars would be fine with me, but Bloomy would be a hot independent wild card who hasn't been sucking political penis his whole life.

Back to Sean Bell - the only solution I see, since these cops will never be held accountable, is that some pigs shoot up some white people 50 times, thus tipping the racial balance of such carefree shootings that occur in this fair city. Only then will we have true justice.


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