Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More on the Game

I must say I feel somewhat accomplished after my first ever Dr. Seuss impersonation. Now for some more goodies.

Interestingly enough, the non-bigoted fans that call themselves representatives of The Ohio State University sure have got passion. We've all heard of face and chest painting before, but can you say you've ever seen a head painter? That's dedication right there.

Next we move on to what people like me think of when the words Columbus, Ohio pop into our crazy minds. That is, lame conservative country. Didn't this Dbag already win the election? Hasn't he since been proven a total Rtard? You've gotta have true pro-gun, homophobic, pro-religion in the name of exploitation pride to still wear these colors proudly on your puffy North Face. Maybe this guy is actually as dumb as I expect and thought it was a good idea to put a campaign sticker on his back before actually realizing that he would ruin his $300 jacket in the process of removing it. There's so many things wrong with this picture, namely this man's existence.

Next we move on to the legal aspect of things, as I have fond memories of "Must be 21 to Drink" signs hanging in all my residences back in the days of living in Ann Arbor. In Columbus, however, things get a little creative. I don't applaud of the victory party they had the night before, but that's clever sloppy college debauchery right there.

Again, I didn't face any direct threats or harm, but the (un)timely death of Bo Schembechler coupled with amazing athleticism and entertainment added an unprecedented touch of humanity to what most people think of as one awful place on this planet. I also hung out with friendly med students who didn't mind hanging out with the ugly stepsister but who also didn't want to be seen walking with me in the thick of Buckeye territory. For a not so pleasant take on things, check out the experience of MZone, which seems a lot like my experience in Happy Valley last month. What is it with drunken white trash and hating on non-fags? Food for thought as we give thanks to the Puritans for their spreading of disease and slaughter of the Injuns several hundred years ago.

Happy Turkey Day and Go Notre Dame!


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