Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mr. Gerald Ford

While my interest in history has always prevailed over such things as doing anything at work (like today), I can't say I knew much about the recently deceased #38. I remember his school of public policy in Ann Arbor that is creepily close to the Frieze Building and the fact that he was on the Wolverine Football team.

I seem to have read that he was on the team for two national championships in 1932 and 33, but why are all the stories of him on the football team about how bad they were during his tenure? Either way, losing Bo Schembechler wasn't enough to beat the Fuckeyes on their home turf, but hopefully Bo + Gerald = sweet sweet victory come January 1. I know Mr. Ford has other accomplishments like being president under his belt, while Bo lived and breathed UM football, but given the BCS controversy plus the fact that the Rose Bowl is pretty much USC home turf, we need #38 to be focused on the big game while living high up in the sky at least for the next 5 days. Fiscal irresponsibility and invading foreign nations should be put on halt, as Decider in Chief has decided to do so anyway. I just hope that a seemingly less incompetent Republican predecessor of Decider #43 can get his priorities straight come this new year so that we can see a rare UM Rose Bowl victory in the midst of a most controversial BCS season.

This guy actually seems a bit like Reagan minus the right wing and/or GDubs minus the retardation, so my bet is that big Jerry (who by the way set a record for longest living president) has got it all figured out.

PS, haven't I done a pretty good job of not being political since the Dems took Congress? Well, maybe there's only a half truth to that, but come Jan 4 or whatever it is that these governmental losers get to not work while normal people do work, I'm sure that Negative Nancy Pelosi will be rife with idiocy and disappointment right from the starting gate (actually she already has done that), which will hopefully spur me into dropping my membership from the Democratic Party and becoming an independent in light of the fact that I think our two party system is almost as dumb as our president. I'm not very convinced that just because the Dems barely took Congress that all the redneck patriotism is a thing of the past, so hopefully the Whigs or Federalists can be reborn and come save the day while executing Karl Rove under the same gallows as Saddam Hussein.

PPS, do we really need to see Saddam hanged? Why is anyone even thinking about airing the tape of this? Haven't public executions been banned because only countries that hate us for our freedom still do that? Why do we need a snuff film of some murderous tyrant (who killed less people than the current instability in Iraq now reaps) dying?

If I don't get to anymore thoughts til after the New Year, GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wishes for Tressel and Meyer to have simultaneous heart attacks in a pre game ass ramming accident are still alive and well - that would be funny, although I guess we have until Jan 8 to ponder that craziness.

Go Blue and a Merry New Year.


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