Thursday, January 11, 2007


As moving in drags on (laid down the rug my Grandma gave me last night!), at least I still have excuses for not having my life in order and therefore not blogging away.

Florida was lovely, especially because my crowd down there is more like New Yorkers in Florida (eat at normal/late hours) rather than the early bird peoples. Now it's off to shitty weather in Chicago in honor of the civil rights movement.

So much has happened, but as even I have started doing actual work at the jobby since the holidays are over, I feel like things have gotten into full swing all over. Democrats now control Congress are doing no better by canceling sessions so their colleagues can go watch the BCS National Championship, some sick weirdo who wants to make a career in tele-journalism has decided that getting zapped with a taser for fun is the best way to get promoted, the Governator proves that he's still awesome in Commando and other 80's classics but that he also nows how to win in the political arena, and (surprise, surprise) Condi "loves" Fox News anchors better than the rest as she works it trying to sell Decider's 7th last ditch effort to save Iraq and his reputation.

All I can say about Georgy Boy last night is that he looks like an alien/clown/stand up comedian hybrid when he's that uncomfortable in front of the camera. His 3rd grade lesson plan didn't go over well with me and sounded like another excuse to patronize people for not being as smart (through stupidity) as he and his brilliant advisers are. Drudge Report's headline is currently about David Beckham going to play for the MLS that nobody cares about, which just goes to show how embarrassed and uncertain conservatives are about this whole thing by making it seem like it's not a big deal. Even Mr. Holy War Sam Brownback has detracted from el presidente on this one.

When in Florida this past weekend, my Nana and her friend mentioned that driving in Florida isn't nearly as bad as New York. Between the 12 lane intersections and the parking lots in Publix and the Flea Market, I strongly disagree with that notion and said I'd rather be fighting the cabs in Manhattan. Florida seems weirder and weirder everytime I go there, but at least Way Beyond Bagels is better than your average spot in New York, although it's still no EssaBagel.

I didn't even realize that I booked my return flight for exactly during the tOsu-Florida game, but luckily JetBlue has the TV thing covered. Unluckily the 2 hour delay permitted me to get inebriated before getting on the plane in the middle of the third quarter. College Football season is officially over and my non-expert ass can finally stop commenting about it. My initial hopes for the game were not met, and now that I look back on it, rather cruel - not to mention the fact that Urban Meyer has shut me up, although I think it's still true that at that point in the season, Florida should not have jumped to #2. My second hope of OSU whoopin on Florida in the hopes of restoring BigTen credibility (most important, to show that Michigan simply played a bad game but that they do not suck as much as it seemed against USC) also did not happen. Instead, witnessing the disbelief and suffering of Fuckeye fans on national television brought me great pleasure and joy. As MZone notes, you almost feel bad for them, until you remember that the broken-hearted fans are racist bigots who likely did something to offend you on your most recent visit to Columbus.

Guess I didn't really know what I was talking about if my unexpected third hope prevailed as reality and what brought me great joy. Oh well no more college football til August, unless your name is Saul or Garnish, in which case the season never ends (Ryan Mallet rules, more than O'Doyle).


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