Friday, October 27, 2006

Too Soon?

Slack mentioned a few costumes that are "too soon" for Halloween, yet sure enough South Park answered his predictions by featuring Steve Irwin with stringray barb coming out of chest, although it was the real Steve Irwin, not a costume. All in all, Satan's super sweet sixteen with Ferrari cake was pretty funny, but doesn't qualify as classic.

The award for "too soon but actually not tasteless enough to be too soon" costume goes to roommate of girlfriend, who mentioned to me last night that she will be attending Saturday's costume party as "Madonna with African Baby," which I think is the perfect blend of racy current events and a la minute satire. Hats off to you Laura.

Perhaps gay couples can outdo her this weekend by dressing as New Jerseyans, with turnpike exit, garbage, and foul odor now accompanying their rights to get married in the armpit of America. If you notice the link to this article, it's travel.nyt....Apparently New Jersey's intentions lie in the potential cash machine of gay tourism, not equality.

Rush Limbaugh could perhaps be Michael J. Fox for Halloween: to shake or not to shake? Or anyone could perhaps just be Rush Limbaugh for Halloween by getting hooked on oxycotin.

Ohio Republicans (being closet gays) have a new infatuation with "Al Franken in diaper," although it turns out the picture to the right is the real one that some gun-toting redneck did up in photoshop. I read on a comments board yesterday that liberals likely have more photoshop experts on their side of the spectrum (agreed) and should fight back. My suggestion is Cheney with S&M torture devices on Bush's nipples (it's Halloween, get in the spirit!)

Having just been to Russia, Vladamir Putin with gun and assasination desires sounds appropriate, but Boris Yeltsin with vodka in hand and mouth is much funnier, although so 1998. You could just be Josef Stalin and purge yourself of all friends for the weekend if you're trying to make this a "different" Halloween weekend.

"Pissed of Muslim" is always a lock, but what is this weeks theme? France! And what are they lighting on fire? Busses! Too bad that falls outside of my bad things to do that I still consider safe realm, so please stick to the Papal effigies theme if you go that route.

As for me, I have chosen the path of "scary guy in Vegas," being that I spent 5 minutes at the low-end costume shop the other day buying a black cape and creepy makeup. Off to Vegoose and the MGM Grand; I am bringing computer but likely not posting, so I will revisit on Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully I can land a morning buffet at the Wynn, which Nora Ephron claims is to die for, but I also think she was trying to drive business in his direction after feeling bad about witnessing him break a $138 million painting. Guess you could go either way on that one, but I'm going west to the desert.


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