Thursday, October 26, 2006

Locals Doing Their Part

And so the Michigan Columbus outside the lines animosity begins, as Dr. Garnish (also an herb) has alerted me to the following:

Prescott Burgess, stud Michigan D-Back and Ohio native, has been covered on a local news story because the police supposedly have a video tape of him shoplifting CD's at the age of 14 from a local (presumably crappy) Columbus record store. Herb/Garnish sent me some postings about it but they didn't make much sense and I don't know enough about the statute of limitations to inform all you, but it seems that the Columbus fuzz want to arrest him upon his re-entry into the state of Ohio for the big game on 11/18. He can obviously turn himself in before the big game and all, but this is just confusing and seemingly biased (it happened 8 years ago and just surfaces?). This should pan out to be interesting.


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