Thursday, October 26, 2006


Taxi and Limousine Commission raises fares

Ladies and Gentlemen: Can you recall all those moments when you are running late so you decide that it's a good idea to stick out your arm and wait for an oversized yellow car with a smelly guy on his phone? Can you recall of all those times how often you end up palpitating and ripping your hair out because you realize that if you hadn't been so damn impatient, the subway would have gotten you to your destination a helluva lot faster? Well now to top it all off, instead of paying 20 cents per agonizing minute of moving really freakin slow, you will be paying 40 cents per minute effective sometime this December. You heard it from me, this fare increase should cause you to think three times before getting in that cab, up from the normal two times. Waiting for the subway can be painful, but not moving in a cab that charges you 40 cents per minute of not moving is worse. Cabs that don't move are fairly ineffective, but now they'll be squeezing on your nutties a lil harder than before. Matter of fact, if those cockbags at the MTA have their way and get to cut $20 million in off-peak service yet still offer $50 million in holiday discounts to tourists, then you're pretty much screwed either way.


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