Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Madness

These lame-o's are getting their 2 and 5 year old nephews high. Child Services has taken custody of the boys, but the only thing to do now would be to send them to Jamaica, where they will be exactly like the rest of the population.

This guy was shot in the groin by two black dudes walking up to the front door of his house. This guy is a Kremlin critic and just four days earlier had given an interview on NBC about how Pooty and his gang of oil drinking bandits will go to great lengths to silence their opposition. Coincidence??? I think's how it all went down in Red Square last week (please read with silly Russian accent in mind):

"Hey Pooty, before I give you zis fine beluga caviar and fancy vudka for free, don't forget to sign executive order #4476 underneath your drink, we need to kill that free market bastard."

"Henchman, please. We already silenced a critic in London just couple months ago, and you expect me to cause these problems in America now? Let's stick to murdering people within our borders or CIA will ass rape me."

"But Pooty, what about that episode of Sopranos where Tony and his goombas make black politician man send in gang of negroes to shoot up a crack house that Tony wants to sell scrap copper wiring from? Tony refuses to send pizzaman in to do dirty work and make it look bad, so why can't we send in negro man? Lord knows not one negro man has ever worked for Russian government ever, it will never look like our work."

Pooty: "Excellent, send KGB to give black man gold watch and shoot this commy bastard. I love HBO writers! Nostrovia!"


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