Thursday, February 22, 2007

Barack the terrorist?

After having a friend/fundraiser participate in the vicious mudslinging politics that Barack himself has denounced, one can only wonder if Fox News and Dick Cheney are in fact always right about the need to be paranoid and psychotic and live in bomb shelters. Why should I believe this charismatic senator trying to give Hillary a hard time?

Joe Biden has already made it clear that this guy's cleaner than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but aren't the terrorists always fooling us (Yassir Arafat was cleaner than Sharpton, whether or not he was gay and died of AIDS)? What if that Fox News story about Obama hangin in an Indonesian extremist camp as a 7 year old is true? What if Cheney's distaste for everyone not as loco as him is for real, and what if he knows or fears something we don't know?

Barack could be the Osama-raised ringer that these grim bastards have been waiting for to prove that we need to succumb to their mastery of the Constitution. Isn't al-Zawahiri praying for an Obama victory as we speak?

Truthfully, I don't know, but even if it's all true we can at least have a 24-like presidency in which our fears can be directed more inwards rather than on crapping on some crappy country like Iraq, so I look forward to the possible drama that may unfold if Barack is for real the Al-Qaeda ringer. He's barely even served in our government; perhaps short enough that the CIA hasn't yet pulled off the background check?

Well, whatever the case, I've got my hands on some good ole fashioned Japanese humor to ease your minds. If you've ever even mildly laughed at a silly Japanese game show, then you will most certainly have a ball with this, whether or not you are high.


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