Thursday, February 08, 2007

Too much fun?

Hot off the press: Anna Nicole Smith is dead. This won't take a declassification of the JFK files to figure out what went wrong here, but that certainly still sucks. I vividly recall her 1993 Playmate of the Year stint as all the boys at summer camp soaked in boobs the size of their heads and talked about how she was the hottest person ever. Somewhere along the way she got fat, ugly, and addicted to everything, only to have cleaned herself up recently (perhaps TrimSpa is no good for you?) in lieu of being involved in every lawsuit this side of the Mississippi. I guess the Supreme Court can go back to hearing the trial of who inherits the dead guys' money that she married a few years back. Corey Lidle and Steve Irwin were good at provoking humor in their respective afterlives', so I expect someone as ridiculous as this character to do the same.

With death on the mind (creepy), I can't help but comment on the weird GM commercial during the Super Bowl. I guess the idea is that the machine was initially depressed for screwing up and getting fired, only to wake up and realize that it was all a dream. But fake Johnny 5 was dreaming because the assembly line was ground to a halt because GM cars are so dependable and never need fixing and he had nothing better to do? This commercial obviously never considered the 1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT that myself and MisterLister shared back in the day, as I think it might have gone 13,000 miles until something inevitably stopped working and cost a few hundred bucks to repair.

What troubled me most about the commercial (besides a robot committing suicide) was the fact that GM was trying to be funny in both (a) it's treatment of a taboo subject such as depression and suicide and (b) it's empty assembly line, which should be no laughing matter to a company needing more than a $12 billion airline industry bailout. They can convince the consumer all they want that their assembly lines are empty because their cars are so good and never break, but laying off tens of thousands of workers every year is becoming common practice and they might want to avoid the image of an empty assembly line. For other concerns about the lame ad, check this article.

Now that we have covered an apparent overdose or at least an indirect death from too much partying over the years, and robot suicide, I now present to you the murder of Ronald McDonald by none other than the [have way more momentum than Ronald] King of Burger King. He's still so cool for doing the Lambeau Leap, but I can't find that one on YouTube, so here's Jon Stewart making fun of Decider's take on stem cells. Enjoy it while you can, as Viacom is currently in the process of removing all its content from the site.


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