Friday, November 17, 2006

Couple More Thoughts

The band Dead Schembechlers based in Columbus, Ohio isn't so funny right now, but they've extended the courtesy of posting a message on their website as well as all over the UM-OSU blogosphere about how Bo approved of the name and how they never meant any harm, so I guess that's cool.

Secondly, to the ABC/ESPN production staff, I'm not sure who drew the short straws, but you guys have fun staying up all night and putting together a makeshift, tear-inducing, Bo highlight reel, with probably some lame U2 song as the theme.

In an effort to make this blog more interactive and yield more comments than that one dickhead who keeps advertising for his pyramid scheme (still haven't gotten into the regulating comments game), I'm reaching out to you, my readers, to not be afraid and choose your most likely candidate for tear-inducing memories of Bo. You know there has to be a sad song before kickoff, so please do guess. Since all 8 of my readers may not be checkin this bloggy out til after the game, feel free to observe what they actually played and then pick a song to your liking that would have been a better fit for the highlight reel that you will most definitely be watching on your tellies tomorrow. Ok, now I'm really out since I have 15 minutes to pretend to care about wrapping up the jobby job for the week before heading to America's Shittiest Airport. PS last time I was at LaGuardia and delayed to Chicago (May 06), fucking mice were running around the American Airlines terminal, no joke. Let that be a lesson to youse.


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