Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All out craziness

So...Some smug asshole on FoxNews pisses off my man slick willy, slick willy bitch slaps him hard enough to the point that he says some things about our cowboy in chief, and today that crazy fake-black lady named Condi rips on slick willy. All I want to know is, when is that bitch going to get her teeth fixed? This is America for cryin out loud, we smile when we drop bombs on other parts of the world:
I've always known that our current governmental boneheads don't have much prowess in the noggin, but did you ever think that Trey Parker and Matt Stone did? Oh yea, I know that. New season of South Park next Wednesday, but until then I leave you with some of their clever shennanigans played out on the world stage:

"'South Park'" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone know how to punk the press. Media outlets all over the world picked up on the mischief-makers' recent claim at a U.K. press conference that Saddam Hussein's jailers had told the pair that the dictator had been forced to watch a "South Park" episode depicting him as Satan's gay lover. 'It was a joke,' Stone told us at a party celebrating the series' 10th season. Asked if Amnesty International might pursue them, Stone said, 'Bring it on! We wish they would.'…"

Damn those guys are awesome, I hope they outlast the Simpsons, but not this guy's beard, cause Osama really should eat some of that tainted spinach already.


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