Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Da Funk

Ever since hearing about Daft Punk's performance at Coachella last year (watch it here), I have craved a live performance of the quasi-gay (simply because they are French) alien costume wearing, cheesy techno blaring, duo. Last week not only did that dream of mine come true, but I killed a second bird with one stone by making my first journey to Coney Island.

A paltry subway ride it was not, but I still had time to score a fish and chips and a staple giant beer at the original Nathan's (it is very large) and was unfortunately unable to check out the boardwalk. I don't claim to have walked through history, but next year brings major development and construction to what seems to be a still fairly dilapidated neighborhood, so I'm glad I got to see it in its current state. After the most miserable subway ride home (no express train at midnight) that I've ever experienced, I was sure it might be awhile til my return to Coney Island, but anyway onto the show.

The costumes rule and the lights are killer. It's too bad that a former jam band fan such as myself is used to two full sets, but what the hell they played for a good couple of hours and did a fancy encore. I tried blaming the stadium curfew, but supposedly it's pretty standard for them, which left me craving more, and more I will get come this Fall's Halloween party in Vegas, as that is the next show in their lineup. Sweet...


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