Friday, August 24, 2007

Cruel Indeed

As Mister Lister has pointed out, life is great yet cruel. I truthfully have nothing to complain about, but hey this is about the 100th title I've had to come up with (with the recent addition of Mister Lister, our 108 combined postings put me somewhere around 100) for a posting and it's just cruel sometimes thinking so hard about two words.

What's also cruel is sitting here with my Bloody Mary on the couch inside of a house on an island that would be more perfect if I were outside. Then again, I didn't take the day off and am basking in my last quarter share weekend of Flamin Island, both reminiscing about the wonderful treatment it has provided me as well as the fact that this counts as work for me, although waking up at 6:30 in the morning was one of my most challenging challenges to date.

Is thinking about my 25 year old friend's wedding on Sunday also cruel? Because this is in fact the second one of its kind and it's getting pretty crazy for me, although this allows me to get more wear out of the tux that I bought at Syms for a not so cruel price. So much cruelty in the LBC, it's kinda not so hard bein an American chillin on the beach, but seriously why is our more retarded than cruel president allowed to vacation?

Why is it okay that Decider and Congress are allowed to criticize the Iraqi government for taking an August vacation? Lets see...Congress authorizes Decider's war because Iraq should have a government modeled on ours, yet now that Iraq is supposed to model itself on the US they can't take the same vacation that our government takes? I understand they're at war, but perhaps the people that got them into that situation should also be criticized for taking an August vacation? NYT pointed that out today that somehow we're allowed to blame these fools that we wanted to manipulate in such an exact way, yet not ourselves?

I think not. That's like peeing on someone's carpet, blaming them for not having any Resolve, going out and buying a cheap alternative for them, and blaming them that their carpet shouldn't have been there in the first place. Seriously, we could've made this right during the act of pissing, during the window of opportunity when the Resolve was needed, during the time that we decided to get the cheap alternative instead, and now it is no longer an option to make things right during the time when we're blaming them for having the carpet there in the first place. For those of you who think I'm crazy, the carpet is a euphemism for Muslim brothers killing each other because it's sexy. Seriously, what total crazy fucks they are, but their fuckin houses were carpeted people, and we shouldn't have taken our pisses on it if we don't want them pissing on the carpet as well (the carpet in this instance is Barbara Bush's head).

Alright, I'm kind of pleased with that ramble making sense to me. Me, as in the person who has now finished a bloody mary and enjoyed some natural greenery in suffering through the cruelty of not sitting on the beach. But what's not cruel is the fact that the weather has been heinous for two weeks but it is perfectly gorgeous outside and is supposed to do the same tomorrow for me.

On one more "seriously pissed off," Cartman like, cruelty feeling note, I saw Acts III and IV of Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke" on HBO last night, and it's pretty gut wrenching. Perhaps it's because we need an HBO special to remind us, but how has this been allowed to happen?
Does someone like me have the right to complain that it's disgraceful what has happened since Decider decided to fly his luxurious jumbo jet over New Orleans and pretend to insist on helping people in need? Am I allowed to complain about this if I haven't done anything other than attend a Disco Biscuits inspired fundraiser almost two years ago?

It's certainly unfair to complain about Decider not living up to his promises, as he is incapable of any compassion that might suggest the government is responsible for actually helping people in need or that it has the slightest socialist undertones (duh aren't we all born rich and spoiled?). Seriously though, I pay my taxes, and as much as Republicans hate them, they have no right to make them as ineffective as they have, and lazy people like me shouldn't have to justify that one can only complain about injustice if we're out there smoking our pot in the streets as the fuzz hose us with water cannons and unleash their vicious K-9's on dang hippy protesters.

Cruelty comes in so many forms, both selfish and universal, so I guess that at this point all I can say is I'm going to go take my quasi-long weekend, sing a koombaya song for Fire Island, watch my friend get married, and show up at work feeling like total shit on Monday because I had to endure one cruel ass weekend. Certainly doesn't seem as selfish and unjustifiable as lamo politicians pointing the vacation finger at one another...


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