Thursday, January 25, 2007

So Wrong, but who cares

By now Drudge has already broken the non-PC MLK party on some hick ass college campus in Texas, but is there really a need for such outrage? Perhaps they did the legend himself some disservice by partying it up for their Monday off because of his sacrifice for blacks, but this requires further breakdown:

-All participants are extremely white. Last time there wasn't an extremely black person in the projects not making fun of a white person was...never. If we are to have reverse discrimination in this era of comic hilarity, then there shall be plain old-fashioned discrimination in the name of good times.

-What have I and friends done over the years to celebrate MLK day? In college it was like the only day off except for Passover (that day is actually made up) for the entire winter semester, so it was a huuuuuge party night. This year I was in Chicago sleeping off a mild hangover and hanging with Grandma, and last year I believe I was extremely hungover. What about that makes me anymore respectful to MLK than these lickbags?

-These white kids are dressed like homies, but they kind of look like white kids who actually dress like homies, rather than those who simply do it for fun. In a most offensive and Chappelle like manner, they threw a party in honor of making fun of a notion, but not to make fun of Dr. King himself. Even these kids aren't dumb enough to try and disgrace Dr. King; they may be descendants of KKK members, but it seems that hatred and outright racism don't plague their existence. They are merely mocking all the elements of black society that Dr. King himself would most likely spit on if he were here to see it today.

-"Pimps and Hoes" parties were a constant theme in college, and all they did was take "Pimps and Hoes" and replace it with the guy's name who happened to have the day named after him. It's like celebrating President's day in February (a much less common day off, but one that I will be fortunate to participate in) with a wig and top hat party. No one is wearing that shit not to mock those two old white dudes, and white kids not from inner-cities but dressing and drinking like they are is in fact nothing new.

-MLK deserves his own day, but he got his own day! Lincoln and Washington have to share that shit! JFK got nothing! McKinley got nothing but most people probably don't even know that he was assassinated - all he got was the largest mountain in North America that has a fecal matter problem. Maybe if they didn't name a day after Dr. King, then this outrage wouldn't exist? Nobody wants that.

-These kids are extremely stupid for posting this crap on Facebook. Now that jobs check prospective employees' MySpace and Facebook profiles, this shit will stick and we should at least let these idiots enjoy their moment of glory on January 15, 2007 if they're gonna have to suffer the consequences of thinking that it's a good idea to post pictures of being a retard to the general public.

-As a Jew, until there is some racist white guy in charge of a major country's government who decides to have a "Civil Rights Denial" conference in which they prove the non-existence of racism in America, this ain't as bad as having Iran's Ahmadinejad as your #1 foe.

Case closed - get over it.


Blogger Matthew said...

My group of friends, senior year of high school, actually threw a similar party, drinking malt liquor, smoking blunts, and actually ordered in fried chicken and ribs...No I am not kidding, but that doesn't make us racist - it was merely a themed party. One of my friends actually pointed out, imagine if a group of inner city kids threw a Jewish themed party armed with yarmulkas, talisim, ordered in deli and drank Maneschwiewitz.

Blogger Saul said...

No one would appreciate this more than you... the Decider at it again!

President Bush, on a collision course with Congress over Iraq, said Friday "I'm the decision-maker" about sending more troops to the war. He challenged skeptical lawmakers not to prematurely condemn his buildup.

"I've picked the plan that I think is most likely to succeed," Bush said in an Oval Office meeting with senior military advisers.

Blogger Adam said...

I'm the decider, and I decide that themed parties making fun of minorities are cool, even when on holidays intended to honor and not mock these groups.

I also wish that Congress would act like it is responsible for a third of the power in our government. Down with Hillary! (when's the last time she had an opinion?)


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