Tuesday, January 23, 2007


"Hezbollah Strike Brings Beirut to a Halt." "Strike?" That's a strike? My ass! Hezbollah is a recognized terrorist organization, they participate in [whatever you want to call it] with all this shit on fire and it's still considered a strike?

When's the last time you stayed home from a day of work in order to protest your government by burning cars and tires? Sulzberger and all those lefty wingnuts over at the New York Times need to get together and work on their definition of "strike," cause last time anyone did this in the US it fell under the classification "riot," which is a wee bit more accurate, as seen below with this sorry guy who must've owned Ace Glass during the 1992 Watts riots in LA (notice the blatantly 1992 Canadian Tuxedo look).

Let's see what Wikipedia has to say on the subject: Riots occur when crowds or even small groups of people gather to commit acts of violence and property damage, usually in reaction to a perceived grievance or out of dissent. Strike action, often simply called a strike, is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal by employees to perform work. A strike usually takes place in response to grievances that employees feel management are ignoring.

I see property damage, so I think we've got ourselves a riot on our hands, not to mention the fact that Lebanon is in such crap these days that I have a feeling most of these people don't even have jobs from which they could be striking.

I know that stud Clooney refers to "Beirut Rules" in by far the most badass conspiracy movie of the recent past, even though said stud may have grown a beard, put on weight, and had his fingernails ripped out for the role. Thomas Friedman also grew accustomed to the life, as depicted in this stellar novel, but I don't think anything about this is strike-worthy simply because these people live in a place where the bar has been set so low.

Maybe NYTimes is scared to offend the specific ethnic group associated with Hezbollah, but they didn't refrain from use of "riot" when the Arabs in Paris were burning cars and busses two winters ago. Maybe it's because France is the strike capital of the world and they have a basis for comparing parading strikers versus pissed off people lighting shit on fire, and maybe its because the Middle East may be screwed more than Jenna Jameson, but c'mon people, let's call this thing what it looks like.

Speaking of screwed, I have decided to preemptively "strike" back at Decider for his State of the Union tonight: You want to cut fuel consumption by 20% and work with Democrats? Sorry you have nothing better to say, but you're full of shit. May everything you do for the next two years not work, including your presidential library and the lack of books that comes with it. Why should I have to curb gas consumption anyway? Invading Iraq was supposed to lower the price of that shit?


Blogger Matthew said...


Funny you mentioned it...I happened to se Syriana last night for the first time and I thought it was phenomenal. It really got me thinking about what really drives foreign policy and questioning how realistic the plot and characters may be. Syriana was very well put together and Clooney truly did his part - However, I sense a large cloud of SMUG eminating from Clooney's participation in the film

Blogger Adam said...

I think I had to watch that movie 4 times before fully understanding it. Now that the good son/foreign minister is the former terrorist turned collaborator on 24, it's all making perfect sense.

I called it "conspiracy theory" movie but I think there's more truth to it than not; the commentary on the DVD was actually very insightful as well. Clooney practically took credit for the civil rights movement! Thaaaaaannnkss


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