Friday, January 19, 2007

Jack Bauer Rules

OK so I've still missed most of Sunday night's episode but I saw all of Monday's and I must say that the bad acting, ridiculous heroics, and occasional complete predictability have gotten me into it once again.

Not having cable last year really put a hampering on my viewing of the Russian terrorists in cahoots with the Nixon-esque president, but taking a season off proved well for my bigoted and stereotyping mind, as once again this year's foe is your average Arab/Muslim terrorist, thus proving that any and all combinations of said ethnicity and religion mean that you are indeed a terrorist in need of getting whooped by the Patriot Act, sent to a secret CIA prison, not having access to an attorney or evidence, and subsequent broom stick butt rapings.

Rather than admit their involvement in all non-freedom loving activities, Muslim groups are once again (as they did two seasons ago) ramping up anti-24 sentiment and complaining that Jack Bauer makes them look bad, although that is now an arguable point because he in fact was unable to stop them for the first time in his life on Monday night. Obviously Jack will still save the day as much as he can, but there is hope for the terrorists that they still have enough tricks up their sleeves to fool the hardiest of CTU agents. Either way, why don't you cry about it crybabies?

I do recall Jack Bauer's commercial a couple years ago trying to articulate the difference between bad acting/drama and reality, so perhaps we can expect some of the same this season in response to the crybabies. Since America is largely full of Cheeto eating retards, it's too bad they can't just say, "If you take this show literally, you are a fucking moron," but that would be unfair because there's just as many dumbass Muslims over in the Middle East who think I have horns and rape Allah in my spare time. Cheeto eating retards and angry Muslim retards are incredibly dense and it just needs to be accepted that any kind of protests and PR campaigns to alleviate the situation are just wasting everybody's time.

As GDubs has pointed out, "they may have a point, but it's not like Anglo Saxons are known for blowing themselves up in the name of god." That is most true Sir Weiss, and the writers even cut them some slack last year by making the terrorists Russian. I have little knowledge of seasons 1, 2, and 4, but if any of them, or any season sometime in the next 20 years uses just one white guy American terrorist, then the writers have done more than their fair share of letting others know that occasionally terrorists are not Arab or Muslim. In reality though, I'd guess that at least 90% of the world's terrorist talent pool is in fact made up of Muslims, so as long as 90% or less of 24 is about them specifically, then there should be nothing to complain about.

Speaking of complaining, why can't these disheartened Muslim alliances, political groups, prayer circles, etc... ever express outrage over the bad name that their extreme elements give to all of them, rather than just complain about TV shows that hurt their feelings? I think some complaining needs to be redirected inwards, and only then should they feel the right to complain about everything, including themselves. Jews are known for feeling collective guilt (OJ Simpson, not a Jew!), and it's time that Muslims stop complaining about everything bad except for the bad that they are responsible for. Additionally, if protests of 24 exist only in the discussion forum and don't spill over to effigy and embassy burning, well then that would just surprise me. I think it's time Kiefer gets himself a couple extra bodyguards since he's not as awesome as Jack Bauer.


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