Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Not a Drug?

Today's ridiculousness is centered around my favorite substance, which Bob Sagat claims is not worth sucking dick for...Even if delivered? Actually this article is like 6 years too late, but in case you didn't already know, you should check out this writer's amazement and enthusiasm.

We all know how cops feel about the ganja - that being an opportunity to beat the crap out of anyone with their billy clubs - but what about when they consume it against their own will? Well, if you guessed that the perps get charged with aggravated battery on an officer (a felony), then you guessed right. Oh you Burger King workers, you should've stuck with the phlegm. When will these pigs start appreciating the munchies induced and therefore the extra donuts consumed? I guess it's not too surprising when fat white guys with mustacchios don't exactly think outside of the box, not to mention the fact that a few sprinkles of unsmoked weed in a hamburger doesn't seem to do anything anyway. I applaud these lame duck minimum wage workers for their efforts, but not their creativity or success.


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