Monday, November 13, 2006

Testing Blogger Beta

This seems the same but I'm sure I'll manage to F something up.

Anyway, sorry for my lack of posting but it's just not easy being at your desk for only 4 of the last 10 business days, which culminated with a 445am wake up this past Friday morning.

While I am happy for these two thinking men who now get to toke up within the confines of their teaching facilities, how much thinking can take place if we take note of the following?:
He now uses a special vaporizer that he says allows him to absorb the medical components of marijuana without the residues that come from smoking a joint.
Have you ever been fortunate enough to hit the Volcano? While I know herbing up is arguably not very conducive to being a productive professor, not a soul on this planet can safely state that these guys will be more productive as they vape their brains away rather than just lighting up a little doob.

On to more insignificant news, but still a loss for the integrity of stadium names, the Mets have decided to whore themselves out to Citibank for 20 years by renaming the new Shea Stadium to CitiField.

Now for all you South Park fans out there, what do you think a ShittyField is going to do for our plide? Will eating Shitty Beef at Shitty Wok for $18 a prate make me feer any better about observing basebarr at America's shittiest stadium? They should rename only the current Shea Stadium, which in reality is by far America's shittiest baseball field. Thanks for helping on this one Dr. Garnish.


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