Wednesday, November 15, 2006


As the rabble rabble leading up to this week's game heats up, Chris Perry has decided to talk a tough game for a team that he no longer plays for, including such comments as:
[Troy Smith] shouldn't even win the Heisman. He's not going to win his league or the national championship. We all know what's going to happen. We're going to win it. It's been long overdue. Tressel's been cheating. So, hey, we're going to keep it real. There ain't nothing else to say.
It is upsetting to us all that this guy is the most recent Wolverine to have beaten the Fuckeyes in the past 5 years, but I think he's getting a little ahead of himself and might want to keep it cool. Either way I don't know why it's only in the Dayton news as of now and not ESPN.

Other important notes are the 25th anniversary of the death of Bob Ufer, whose name I had heard before but didn't know who the hell he was until reading this article. Other important notes include the city of Columbus has advised no one to park in the streets because of errant matches, cigarette butts, and of course...people lighting gas tanks on fire. U of M has decided to dispatch some of its own officers to the game, although not for emergency purposes ("excuse me, I seem to have lost my wallet" doesn't seem to help much). Anyway, I'm not too sure where I heard the "Toilet" reference as substitute to the more common "Shoe," but take a look for yourselves and tell me you don't think of taking a dump when viewing this seating chart (just don't go on 35a where myself and other Wolverines will be chilling).

On an unrelated note but just as sloppy drunk as OSU fans, check this video of Denis Leary as he continues his pummeling of that lovely Mel Gibson:

"Continues?" you ask. Yes, if you have not been fortunate enough to have seen him in the BoSox booth this past summer, well check it out, but I don't feel like tracking down the link on YouTube.

Thought nothing good comes of the UM-OSU rivalry? Well think again: Courtesy of everyone's favorite single Jew...
With fans scrambling to obtain tickets to Saturday's Michigan-Ohio State football game, a couple is auctioning off their seats to raise money to adopt a boy from Guatemala. Ken and Kristie Sigler have season tickets in the closed end of Ohio Stadium, about 10 rows from the field. They have put the two tickets up for sale on eBay, hoping the payout helps defray the $12,500 cost to begin processing their adoption paperwork.
Alright I'm out of material here, except for the fact that vertical business cards really piss me off.


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